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A Hug In A Mug

Everyone is always asking my mom (and producing partner) Jan and I how we come up with the names for our PersonaliTea Mugs.

We’ll here’s the scoop.  Or at least how it happened for our Royal-Tea Collection...

Mom and I were sitting around brainstorming names for a few new mugs. Now there’s nothing more fun than throwing around new names. It usually happens completely by accident.  We’ll be right in the middle of developing one of our TV shows or movies — like the upcoming series “Reach For The Stars” or “Alexander The Fourth” — and one of us will say something with a word that ends in ty or ity or just sounds like tea.  

Our eyes light up. That would make the perfect cup!  And we’re off… Usually for quite a while…

Well one morning, the word was royalty.  But the spark wasn’t just a tea cup.  It was the realization that the world was about to get a new baby prince or princess.  Whether it was Meghan or Kate or Cambridge or Wessex doesn’t matter.  Just the fact that there would be a new heir to the British Throne.

Of course, it couldn’t just be Royal-tea.  There had to be more.  And a few minutes later there were.  There was Majes-tea and Nobili-tea and Socie-tea and Aristocra-tea. It wasn’t just a tea slash coffee mug, it was a collection of them.  The Royal-Tea collection.   And once we started designing them, the collection continued to grow.  Once I saw Majes-tea, I couldn’t help but add Her and His and for Socie-tea the word High.

I’m very happy to announce with all of the flair and flourishes possible the birth of our newest collection of tea mugs fit for a King or a Queen, a Prince or a Princess.   They’re white on the outside with their message in gold, most of them adorned with a little crown.

And as always, the inside is replete with your choice of 10 colors. All of our dishwasher and microwave safe mugs fit perfectly in your throne room, drawing room, in your kitchen, on your desk and even in the nursery, royal or not.  

10% of each PersonaliTea mug sold (20% from the Generosi-Tea Collection) goes to charities that provide micro loans and child care to women in Third World countries, who are striving to support their families.

150+ Cups.    Unlimited Possibili-Teas.  

PersonaliTea Mugs. Pun Intended.

"Fun Gift For The Prom King!"

I purchased this mug for my friend’s son when he was voted Homecoming King. He loved this surprise and couldn’t stop laughing. It’s going right to college with him next year!  The print quality was beautiful, the gold font is gorgeous and he received it right on time!