Her Majes-Tea Mugs

Closet Tiara Wearers, Unite!

Tea mugs fit for a King or a Queen, a Prince or a Princess.

These dishwasher and microwave safe mugs fit perfectly in any throne room, drawing room, kitchen and yes, even on your desk. Add a little Nobili-tea to your day with the mug that has High Societea written all over it.

These sturdy ceramic mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe. They come in two sizes -- 11oz (pictured) and 15oz, in solid white or the 11oz two tone in a variety of five colors.

15% of each PersonaliTea Mug sold, goes to charities that provide healthcare and support to cancer patients and their families.

PersonaliTea Mugs. Pun Intended.

Aristocra-Tea Coffee & Tea Mug
Celebri-Tea Coffee & Tea Mug
Celebri-Tea Black Coffee & Tea Mug
Her Majes-Tea Coffee & Tea Mug
High Socie-Tea Coffee & Tea Mug
His Majes-Tea Coffee & Tea Mug
Majes-Tea Coffee & Tea Mug
Nobilii-Tea Coffee & Tea Mug
Personall-Tea Coffee & Tea Mug
Personall-Tea Smile Coffee & Tea Mug
Reali-Tea Coffee & Tea Mug
Royal-Tea Coffee & Tea Mug
Socie-Tea Coffee & Tea Mug
Toasteas Smile Coffee & Tea Mug

"Fun Gift For The Prom King!"

I purchased this mug for my friend’s son when he was voted Homecoming King. He loved this surprise and couldn’t stop laughing. It’s going right to college with him next year!  The print quality was beautiful, the gold font is gorgeous and he received it right on time!