SereniTea Mugs

It’s All.  About.  Me.

And that's why the Sereni-Tea collection is all about you!

So run a bubbly tub, light some candles and grab your favorite new mug, because me time is finally here.

These sturdy ceramic mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe. They come in two sizes -- 11oz (pictured) and 15oz, in solid white or the 11oz two tone in a variety of five colors.

15% of each PersonaliTea Mug sold, goes to charities that provide healthcare and support to cancer patients and their families.

PersonaliTea Mugs. Pun Intended.

Abili-Tea Green Coffee & Tea Mug
Anti-AnxieTea Coffee & Tea Mug
Beautea Coffee & Tea Mug
Beauteaful Coffee & Tea Mug
Creativi-Tea Gold Coffee & Tea Mug
Oh So Prettea Coffee & Tea Mug
Possibili-Tea Gold Coffee & Tea Mug
Prettea Coffee & Tea Mug
Sereni-Tea Gold Coffee & Tea Mug
Tranquili-Tea Coffee & Tea Mug

"Very Pleased!"

A humorous play on words!  A fun gift for a tea drinker.  Excellent quality printing and shipped right on time!